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Give your cottage the support it needs.


When your house or cottage foundation fails, Cottage Rescue comes in to help.


We organize permits on your behalf, lift your building, replace the beams if necessary, install a new guaranteed screw-pile foundation system, and place your cottage back down, leaving you with a cottage and foundation you can rely on for generations. 

Who We Are

Cottage Rescue comprises a father and son team, Nick and Rob.


With decades of construction experience, they have amassed a deep understanding of the industry and have worked with numerous builders, which allows them to be a one-stop shop to solve all cottage issues.



Over several years, Nick and Rob noticed two reoccurring problems. People had aging cottages that were starting to fail, and getting all the required trades to fix the problem was a challenge. 

Rob initially offered the Cottage Rescue service unofficially through his helical pile foundation company, Postech Muskoka. As time passed, neighbours of previous customers began reaching out looking for the same service, and the demand became so great that Cottage Rescue was born.


In 2022, the Cottage Rescue brand was launched, and Nick moved from the Postech Muskoka/Simcoe to Cottage Rescue to focus on these projects full time. 


Cottage rescue logo.png


A site visit is conducted where drawings are created. Plans and permits are submitted.


A new foundation and beams are installed under your existing structure.


Engineering is sent off for required depths, loads, and a seal of approval.


Your building is lowered onto the new beams and foundation.


Your cottage is lifted to a height of 9 feet.


Your cottage is ready to be enjoyed for summers to come.



Cottage rescue logo.png


Cottage rescue logo.png

Contact us to see how we can help rescue your cottage to take back your summers.

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